Hello Summer

Sweet, sweet summer. I have been so looking forward to you. The past school year – because I guess my life will be counted in school years for the time being – was quite the roller coaster ride. From sending my baby off to Junior Kindergarten. To watching him spiral into anxiety. To seeking professional help. To deciding to homeschool. It has been a journey and a half.

So we needed to celebrate. My son loves the solstices and equinoxes, probably due to one part astronomy and two parts Dinosaur Train, so I thought what could be a better day to end our year on than the Summer Solstice? My husband was going to be home, his siblings were visiting, there couldn’t be a better day to fire up the barbecue and celebrate with our nearest and dearest.

My aunt organizes a cow share that I love. We get an 1/8th of a cow, which is a ton of beef, for a very good price. But what’s more is that it’s local and the cows graze on grass and frolic in fields. We just got fresh spring beef a couple weeks ago, so my husband made the most delicious, fresh, handmade, local hamburgers. I have never had anything more delicious.


In Canada, National Aboriginal Day also falls on the Summer Solstice, so my husband asked a friend from work for her bannock recipe, and we whipped up some of that as well. It. was. so. good. Although, I think my husband was a little annoyed because I kept singing, “Baby, baby don’t panic. I know how to cook bannock.” (His friend said love was a necessary ingredient, and nothing is more loving than singing to your food, okay?)


I was also super proud of my delicious and beautiful cookies made from thyme, rosemary, and lavender! I was asked to start posting my recipes, but I either make things without the recipe and hope they turn out or get recipes from other blogs, so if you want to make these head over to Gather Victoria for the recipe. And trust me, you want to make these.


Then came the fun. We had a fire, played with water guns and bubbles and sparklers, we chatted and drank and stuffed our faces. We cut down a few of my plethora of clematis vines and made flower crowns.


Now, I thought I could just cut a vine, twirl it around my head and call it a day, and you probably could, but it was pretty floppy. So instead, we stripped the vines completely, then alternately wrapped the flowers and leaves around it using this diagram. It was a lot harder than it sounds! But it was fun all the same!

After the party, my son still had a math session and a science session with his mentors, and two more karate classes; but as of today we are officially done! We are taking the summer to relax, play outside, eat too much junk food and watch too much tv. And I couldn’t be more excited.


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