London to Paris: C’est la vie

We woke up early to head to London and see the Tower of London, London Bridge, and Tower bridge. We didn’t have time to do a tour of the Tower of London, but it was awesome to see! It was a nice morning walk followed by a ride in the underground to catch the drizzly-day version of the changing of the guard. The show is weather dependent (it’s a show, right?), so we were lucky to see what we did: namely some horses, soldiers, and a band.

We then hopped back to the hotel (thank goodness for late checkout!) to grab our bags and catch our Eurostar train to Paris. St Pancras is right next to King’s Cross, so I made everyone stop at Platform 9 3/4 – how could we not?? There was a long line, and I was the only one who thought waiting to pretend to push half a cart through a brick wall was a good time, so this is the best I got:

He wouldn’t even smile! Let the record state that he has awesome parents who gave him every opportunity in the world: one day he’s going to be a Harry Potter fan and regret his actions.

Taking the Eurostar was so easy and fun. The security was quick, you technically enter France before you’ve left London, and it’s so neat to see England and France through the windows of a super speedy train. Unfortunately, I’m learning that I’m uncontrollably loud (‘merican) and cannot refrain from excessive use of the word “sorry” (Canadian, eh). Ah well. Awareness is the first step?

Don’t let the crayons fool you. He didn’t colour with them, he organized them.

When we arrived in a Paris, we checked into our AirBnB. It was our first time staying in one, and I have to say the apartment was authentically old. It had big old windows that opened up all the way and working shutters like something in a fairytale. However, it was not the cleanest place I’ve ever stayed, which was a bit of a damper. We were starving though, and went to find food while we considered our options. We walked down a block and saw the Eiffel Tower gleaming ahead, and the Arc de Triomphe to the left, and realized we could not beat this location.

We ended the day a little stressed: the apartment was spacious but not up to our personal standards of cleanliness. The washing machine (one of the things I was most excited for!) was moldy. It was too late in the night to do anything, and we went to bed thinking about our options. Should we book something outside the city and commute in? Could we deal?


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