Mother’s Day and travel day!

My favourite mornings are always my husbands first day home. He usually catches a late flight and sneaks home in the early morning, so Kaleb and I wake up and Dad’s home! It’s better than Christmas. 

I know people like to harsh on their families on Mother’s Day, and it’s all in good fun, but it couldn’t be further from my truth. Even though my husband was away he still brought me home goodies from Rocky Mountain Soap Co- my favourite bath company. My son was born in Canmore, where the company started, so it reminds me of home. Also, my son painted me a card and announced that he hid it like a scavenger hunt in a place I would “never find it!”

It was in my makeup drawer, folks.

We spent the day packing, went to visit my mom (and because a mother’s work is never done, she is babysitting my pets), and then headed to Toronto to catch the red eye to London!

And because my husband is a business traveller, he got us into the lounge! Pro tip: make sure everyone knows you don’t belong by exclaiming “they let you help yourself to the booze?!?” Exciting times.


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