London, Baby!

Waking up in another country has been the best experience of my life. Kaleb slept a total of 5 hours. Total. On a plane. Sitting up. But who can sleep when you have a city to explore?

We got the train into the city, got apologized to because they thought we were American (shhh they don’t need to know I was born there), and made it to the hotel with a slight drizzle. We met up with my sister, who explained that the front desk had apologized for our room profusely… I understand that most people from North America are put off by European rooms but guys… old buildings. And honestly, our room is amazing. It’s clean, modern, and there was plenty of room. And it was free from my husband’s travel points, so we love it!

We took the metro to Covent Garden and hopped on a free walking tour by Sandeman. (You tip at the end what you think the tour is worth, and it’s worth a tip for sure!) We saw the main sites from Buckingham palace to Westminster Abbey and more, and learned tons of great stories and facts. If you’re short on time, it’s the best way to see the city (fun fact: the best way to see the city of Westminster; London is actually the old Roman town where the Tower of London and London Tower are). 

After our city tour we got dinner at a pub, where Kaleb promptly dumped a cup of milk onto himself and the floor. Thank goodness for hand dryers. We then went up to Abbey Road and somehow survived without being hit by a car, and headed to Picadelly Circus. We aren’t huge shoppers, but promised Kaleb something from the Lego store and a few M&Ms since the line for the London Eye were ridiculously long. 


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