A day in Bath

My only absolute requirement for our trip to Europe was a day in Bath. Total disclaimer: I love Jane Austen, but researching the town made me want to go whether she wrote about it or not. A Unesco World Heritage Site (The Roman Baths) and strict building regulations makes it a picturesque tourist town. Just an added bonus: everyone was so, so, so nice!

When we got off the train, we were all pretty hungry, and stopped at Sally Lunn. It’s in the oldies house in Bath (it dates to the 1400s) and there’s an adorable little museum (one room) in the basement where you can see a model of the kitchens circa the 1600s when Sally Lunn began making her famous buns. We stayed for a bun each, and it was delicious! 

After we walked up to the Pultney Bridge, we went to No. 1 Royal Crescent. I love historic home tours, but this was hands down one of my favourites. They had a backpack with a scavenger hunt and activities for children, which kept Kaleb engaged. You could tell that the interpreters loved their jobs because they were so enthusiastic and gave us tons of little tidbits about life in the late 18th century. In the dining room, we learned that the gentry would rent a pineapple to set on the table at dinner parties to advertise their wealth. In the gentleman’s bedroom, the interpreter found out about Kaleb’s love of the periodic table and told him about all of the toxic and poisonous things people would anoint themselves with back in the day. 

The late 18th century was a time of collecting “curiosities” so this was a great place for Kaleb. Periodic table aside, he got to look through a telescope, and things like crystals and fossils were displayed throughout the home. The “cabinet of curiosities” (how great of a name is that?) was so exciting for him to explore! Make sure to stop and get a sticker after your tour.

We stepped outside to drizzle, but luckily we came prepared.

The Roman Baths was also a must do attraction. Note: do not assume there’s a line and stand in the rain for 15 minutes. We may or may not have waited behind a tour group unnecessarily… ah well, adds to the experience.

Always, always get an audio guide for your kid. There is a separate kid’s audio tour at the Baths, and Kaleb loved it!

Make sure you sample the spa water! Kaleb said it was “the best hot water” he’d ever had. It tasted like penny water. Do not recommend. But you have to try it!

After our trip through the Baths, we had a reservation for afternoon tea at the Pump Room. It was delicious! There was live music, and it was fancy but with a relaxed and casual atmosphere. 

Since it was raining, we thought about changing our train tickets to an earlier time, but it was too expensive to change our advanced fair. It ended up being serendipity though, because we killed time at The Huntsman, an adorable little on with board games and a book swap. 

On our way back into our hotel in London, we had to visit a friend at Paddington Station.


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