Disneyland Paris

I am finally getting around to finishing my posts about our lovely trip to Europe! While I had written most of them while we were there, it was pretty difficult to edit them and post as we went, especially as I was operating solely on wi-fi because Canadian data plans are the worst. So please excuse the time … Continue reading Disneyland Paris


A day in Bath

My only absolute requirement for our trip to Europe was a day in Bath. Total disclaimer: I love Jane Austen, but researching the town made me want to go whether she wrote about it or not. A Unesco World Heritage Site (The Roman Baths) and strict building regulations makes it a picturesque tourist town. Just … Continue reading A day in Bath

London, Baby!

Waking up in another country has been the best experience of my life. Kaleb slept a total of 5 hours. Total. On a plane. Sitting up. But who can sleep when you have a city to explore? We got the train into the city, got apologized to because they thought we were American (shhh they … Continue reading London, Baby!