A week off, snowstorms, and extra reassurance

I just had my first week off in 4 years.

That felt really cool to put down in words. I feel obligated to say that I love my kid more than life itself because this is the internet and if I don’t say it explicitly people will get pitchforks or whatever we’re using these days. Because yeah, I love my kid! But I haven’t pooped in peace in 4 years, people. Not only do we homeschool, but my husband works away 3 weeks of the month meaning I am on 24/7. Literally, ’cause my kid wakes up nightly to ramble about whatever the topic of the week is. I think parents everywhere can understand where I’m coming from here.

It was really exciting for us because my son was able to join the March break camp at his karate studio. It was a day time thing, so yeah it’s not like I was on an island somewhere drinking fruity slushy beverages and laying in a hammock (okay, my week just sounds pathetic in comparison now) but between the hours of 9 and 4 I was on my own. No one knocked on the bathroom door. No one cried when it was time to take the dog for a walk. There was actual silence in my home. And what’s more, I didn’t have to worry about my kid because he was with friends learning and having fun.

I don’t want to rehash the whole disaster that school was, but it wasn’t great. He was a different kid. So I was a little nervous to see how the week was going to go, but obviously I wouldn’t have let him sign up if I really believed it wouldn’t go well. Luckily, it went amazingly. He came home bouncing, with a huge smile on his face, and was happy to recount the details of his days to me. The only think I got out of him when he got home from school was “nothing” and a two hour breakdown. At camp he was getting physical activity, he was with good kids (older kids) whom he could learn from, and they even learned chess which gave him the mental stimulation he needs. It. Was. Heaven. He was so upset when it was over and is already asking if he can sign up for next year.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a week off without a wrench being thrown in. We got a huge snowstorm. As in, got stranded at my mom’s house one night as she lives near the karate studio and I spent 2 hours of my day shovelling – and I don’t even want to know how many hours it would have been if my amazing neighbour hadn’t of come by with his snowblower! Never have I been so thankful for kind neighbours before. I was pretty pissed off at the weather but hey, at least we can move on and enjoy spring now right?

One bonus of the snow storm was that we finally made it out sledding. I am ashamed to admit that while we did have a kickass snowman in front of our house for the better part of a week earlier this winter, we never made it out sledding and to be honest, it wasn’t that great of a winter for it anyway. And what kind of a Canadian winter is it if you don’t go sledding! I almost wonder if this snowstorm was my fault… I really hope not.


At any rate, it was a wonderful week off. Again, my son is amazing, but having him back home with me these past two days after the reprieve of the week I’ve realized how difficult full time momming really is. I’m always wondering, “Why is this so hard?!” Oh, ’cause it is. And seeing how happy and excited Kaleb was all week was really a wonderful reassurance that kindergarten is not the place for him. Add it to the list I suppose right? It was a nice reminder that there are places kids can fit in and be kids, even if they aren’t the places that you expect. The only problem is now he wants me to learn chess!


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