Date day in Niagara

My husband and I don’t always have time for a “date night.” But we are fortunate enough to usually get an afternoon to ourselves when he’s home. And if I’m being honest, I think I’m more of an afternoon person anyway. I like the sun. I like little local places. I like quiet and calm. (Despite being loud and obnoxious myself.) We’ve had a few places on our agenda for some time now, so we decided to finally check them off.

Upper Canada Cheese Company

I have passed the Upper Canada Cheese Company sign on the highway and mentally marked it onto my to visit list many, many times. We finally made it there and OMG I have not been living. The cheese is all made fresh and aged right on site. So fresh, that there were cheese curds from that day that hadn’t even been refrigerated yet. The crap that I have been calling cheese for years is a sad, pathetic, imposter compared to this stuff.

I have to say that I think sampling cheese is more delicious than sampling chocolate. In fact, my son and I had grilled cheese for dessert (okay, and dinner) tonight. And not grilled cheese as in the sandwich, grilled cheese as in slap a cube of cheese on the cast iron pan and grill it for a minute or so and then die from overwhelming deliciousness.


Guernsey Girl grilling cheese from Upper Canada Cheese Company

Kew Vineyards Estate Winery

When most people think Niagara wines, they usually head straight to Niagara on the Lake. But the Niagara wine region actually goes beyond that. The Kew is in Jordan, but it is my favourite winery. The old farmhouse that houses the wineshop is my dream house and the wine is amazing yet affordable. My son has even been in the summer time and loved exploring the property. They will even let you picnic in the vineyards! It is the perfect little escape from reality.


Do the sparkling wine sampler. Do it. The barrel aged Blanc de blanc is my favourite for feeling fancy. The organic Riesling is my favourite “everyday” wine. 

Littlefoot Farms

This was a surprise find for us. I think it’s really important to shop as locally as possible. I am also really saddened by the whole factory farming process, so I try to buy what my best friend and I dub “happy meat.” So when my husband saw a roadside sign for meat, he knew he had to stop for me. We got a whole chicken, a rack of ribs, eggs, and a few produce items. Everything was reasonably priced. I haven’t roasted up the chicken or ribs yet, but everything has been delicious so far! I think I’ll have to start taking my son and pup to Balls Falls more often and make an excuse to stop here on the way home.


So many delicious goodies! And yes, my husband and I are living like retirees in our twenties. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are planning on visiting the Niagara region, here’s where to find these amazing places:

Upper Canada Cheese Company

Kew Vineyards Estate Winery

Littlefoot Farm


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