Travel time

I love travelling with my kid. I feel like that’s not something many parents say. Sure, it’s different than travelling when you’re childless, but isn’t everything? He brings nonstop entertainment AND people are super nice to you when you have a kid. Plus, Kaleb has the travel thing down so he’s actually pretty helpful.

I pulled him out of bed at 3am and plopped him in his car seat. Whenever we go somewhere early he knows he’s supposed to sleep, so he squeezes his eyes closed but the huge smile plastered on his face gives him away. So eventually I tell him, “it’s okay, you can be awake,” and he bounds to life.

This was his first trip with his own luggage. I warned him that he’d have to carry it because I’d have my own luggage. I didn’t even have to remind him once we got to the airport, he was on top of it.

Travel can best be summed up as hurry up and wait. I think it’s the waiting that can really get to kids, but I think it’s so good for them! We worked on learning to tie shoes, played a few hands of Uno, and we even made a bed for 30 seconds.

I have brainwashed Kaleb to think planes are for sleeping. He has never slept anywhere or at any time consistently but I can usually bet on him falling asleep on the plane. This time, it didn’t look like it was going to happen. But he listened to his music and tried his best, and who can complain about that? And eventually… he did it!

That 30 minutes sleep was all he had from 3am to 7pm… so I’m glad he got it! When we were getting off the plane, the lady in front of us said that he was so quiet she didn’t even know he was there and that I had “the best little boy in the world!” Whether she was telling the truth or just being kind, Kaleb was so proud of himself.

As soon as we got to my grandparent’s house, he was eager for a swim and a ride in the golf cart. It wasn’t the warmest day, but coming from the dead of Canadian winter, we were game.

For a kid who doesn’t want to leave the house most days, he is hands down the best little traveller. He was so excited to see all of the new places. He crashed at 7, hard, and my sister and I were able to enjoy our evening with our grandparents.


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