New Year. Same me.

It’s 2017!!! I am so ready for this year. Looking back at 2016, it was a difficult one as a parent, and as a human being in general tbh, but we had some really nice moments and we got answers. So I think 2016 was the shitshow we all needed to get our game faces on and start fresh.

I have mixed feelings about resolutions. I never stick with them for one, but I honestly think that if you make a resolution and only stick to it for a week, good for you, that’s one week you did something to better yourself. I am also very introspective, so I’m always setting goals throughout the year, whether it’s to read or write more, eat healthier, or take better care of myself in general. Last year, even though it was definitely not my resolution, I learned that I need to start taking things one day at a time. I still suck at it, but I’m getting better. My biggest problem however is setting myself up for failure by trying to change everything at once. It’s too overwhelming to me to just pick one thing, so I try to change it all and then change nothing. So, ah well, maybe this year I try to just be happy and accept myself the way I am. Maybe I’ll find the biggest growth that way.

The sun was shining when I woke up today and I wanted to get outside and enjoy it. So we met my mom and sister and took the pups around Dufferin Islands. There is nothing like fresh air and sunshine to start the year off right!

Kaleb hates going for walks. He hates being outside. It takes him over an hour to get ready when he knows we’re going outside. And I am a big stickler about getting outside everyday! You would think that he’d be used to it by now! But nope. Somehow, for this kid, going outside is pure torture. It’s like brushing teeth… an annoying thing Mom makes him do in the name of staying healthy.

And yet, no matter how frustrated I get listening to his complaints while he gets ready, it always turns out to be my favourite part of my day once we get out there. He whines that his feet hurt, or that he’s bored, but then eventually he gets on a conversational topic, or sings a song, or finds something to hold his attention. Today, he found a stick and decided it was a compass.

He led the way, telling us to turn North or South or East or West.

And then he exchanged that stick for what was more like a small tree than a stick!

And concluded the journey by throwing it over the bridge and into the water. In the name of scientific inquiry of course.

I feel like I should conclude with some kind of moral? Like, sometimes we don’t want to do the things that are good for us; but even though it’s like pulling teeth we end up better because of it. Heck, maybe that’s a good analogy for 2016. We all realized we have a lot of work to do to better our world and ourselves. But honestly, I’d rather just sum up by saying it was a good freaking day. I’m going to let it set the tone for 2017. Happy New Year everyone!


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