Christmas in Germany and the Toronto Christmas Market

Last night, Toronto got a nice little blizzard. It just so happened that my husband was also flying in and supposed to get an airbus home in the wee hours of the morning. I wasn’t too keen on him traveling in that weather, and luckily our best friend lives in Toronto, so he stayed the night there with the thought that we would come pick him up and go to the Art Gallery of Toronto since my son loved it so much last week and has been falling asleep to their audio guides.

Luckily we planned this out before my son fell asleep, so that he knew ahead of time that Daddy wasn’t going to be home when he woke up. This kid is my personal calendar, so making sure he’s kept up to date on the latest plans is always key. I mean, what kid wouldn’t be downright upset to wake up expecting their dad only to find out he wasn’t home yet? He wasn’t excited for the drive, but he was exited to go to Toronto and see his Unky (and Unky’s pup!).

Driving to Toronto is best done at certain times, so we had some time this morning to get ready. I knew we wouldn’t have much time for homeschool today, but I did have two things on my agenda: Christmas in Germany and the Beast Academy placement test. I have been so excited about this curriculum since I first heard about it, but seeing as my kid is 4 and up to last week was enrolled in public school (okay, he’s technically still enrolled… once last Hail Mary meeting next week but it’s pretty set we’re homeschooling until grade 1) I thought it would be a few years until we were ready for it. However my son is thoroughly bored with the grade 2 math book I have so I was curious if we should take it up a notch. I don’t think he’s quite at grade 3 yet, but I think he will be quite soon so we might just have it on hand to be prepared. He is pretty excited about it so who knows. Anything to get kids excited about learning right?! And if it forces him out of his comfort level in a good way then hells yes.

I made little lap books for Germany last night using information from Kid World Citizen (seriously, this is my new favourite blog and almost quenching my thirst for just packing up and roadschooling my kid. If we didn’t have pets our house would be up for sale right now.) and this awesome pack from Teachers Pay Teachers. We pasted our flags into our passports, but seeing as we already made our gingerbread house earlier this week I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do for our activity. I was thinking we could read Hänsel and Gretel but the last time we read it my sensitive kiddo was horrified by the fact that parents would abandon their children in the woods, so I wasn’t quite ready to open that can of worms back up especially when he’s way more aware and question-y now!

So we kind of left it as a to be continued for after we pick up Daddy. While we were hanging out with our friend, he suggested we check out the Christmas Market down in the Distillery District. It was perfect! Christmas Markets originated in Germany in the 1300s!

There were even a few German gifts and foods! Just the perfect happenstance when you’re homeschooling. I have never been more thankful for my mother pestering me about at least bringing weather appropriate clothing for long drives in case of a breakdown because walking around in Toronto today was COLD. There was Christmas music blaring, lights and Christmas decorations everywhere: my husband was wanting Christmas when he got home and this was a like getting a welcomed Christmas slap in the face!

Kaleb had an “artisan” grilled cheese and my husband went for poutine, but I stuck with the theme and got schnitzel. It definitely wasn’t German, but it was good all the same!

It was a little reminiscent of walking around the world at Epcot, only much, much, MUCH, colder. I can’t emphasize how much colder except by saying that I woke up this morning to an article on my Facebook saying that Toronto was colder than Mars today so there’s that. And, I had to argue with my son about the necessity of pants today! Kids are awesome.

The most exciting thing was the Christmas countdown. How can you not be in the Christmas mood knowing that there are only 8 days until Christmas! As much as I hate the consumerism of the holidays and hate the waste, I have to admit that I cannot wait to give my son his present! I backed an Indigogo campaign months ago, and it came in a few days ago just in time for Christmas! I took it out to check it out and OMG ya’ll it’s amazing. If you have a Chemistry obsessed person in your life like I do, Happy Atoms is the gift of 2016 I tell yah!

We ended our day with a little bit of Christmas shopping and then watched Charlie Brown Christmas in front of the TV. Because we’re basically the Wormwoods who force our kid to endure a movie night every Friday and Charlie Brown is pretty much the only Christmas movie that my kid neither deems scary nor boring. Sigh. Kids are amazing.

And guys, 8 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! Squeee!


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